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Wiseco Pistons Eagle Rods Duratec 2.3L 88mm 8.0-8.8:1 K628M88/CRS6094F3D

£ 924.60


Wiseco pistons go through more finishing processes than any other piston on the market without driving the cost up. They come with more features standard than any other piston on the market, at a more affordable price than many of the competitors. All of the Wiseco pistons for this application come standard with anti-friction skirt coating which helps minimize scuffing during break-in and lower friction on the cylinder wall. The top face of the piston is textured to improve the combustion characteristics, and all kits come with rings, pins and locks.

Eagle Rods have been the most popular rod choice for most engine builds since our fathers were out racing. For years they have been a reliable cost effective rod solution that exceed the requirements of 90% of the people we talk to. They have the best availability in the business with excellent quality control and customer service. Rod bolts are a standard feature. If you are unsure if this is the correct rod for you, please contact one of our experienced sales reps today to help you put together the parts list for your next build!

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