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Injector Dynamics ID1000 1000cc B18A B18B B18C Integra 1000.*

£ 381.00


This is the best injector on the market. It is very different from a traditional injector. It idles smoother, is easier to tune with, and provides more consistant, better fuel delivery. In short, it is well worth every penny.


These injectors are, High Impedence which means you wont need to use a resistor box with them. If your vehicle has a restrictor box on it, you will not use it with these injectors, and it can be removed. If your car came with side feed injectors from the factory you will need a top feed conversion rail to run these injectors as they are top feed only.



Injector Dynamics, the founders of "Dynamic Characterization" batch test a large number of injectors to carefully match them into sets based on their dynamic flow across the pulsewidth range. This offers superior cylinder consistency which results in a smoother, better running engine that is easier to tune, and more daily-driver-friendly.


The ID1000 was the first injector offered with full dynamic characterization providing tuners with the data they needed to do their job properly.

The ID1000 was the first injector to be offered in dead time matched sets.

The ID1000 was the first high impedance high flow injector available providing stock idle and drivability on engines as small as 325cc per cylinder.

The ID1000 was the first injector offered with the now famous "Top Hat Adapter" making it plug and play in nearly any application.

With a maximum pressure capability of 7 bar and excellent low pulsewidth extension, this is a versatile injector that will be at home in many different applications.

From high power high boost daily drivers, to NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycles and record setting turbo road race sedans, the ID1000 set the standard and marked the beginning of a new era in fuel injector performance.

Nominal Dynamic Flow Rate - 1000cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Gasoline at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F)

Fuel Compatibility - Compatible With All Known Fuels


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